The Motorists Face

How to look after it when touring is a problem that besets most women. Looking after a wind -blown face.  Put on a cheap chiffon gauze scarf over ones hat and may be thrown once soiled. If the face is prepared before the journey then at the end it ought to be in fine shape.  One could mention here that Dorothy Levitt in 1909 asked the car maker Selwyn Edge to fit a wind screen to her Napier car so that she would not attract so many flies to her skin. Our Lady article writer discusses liquid powder to coat ones face to protect from sun and the elements of the car journey – being able to be washed off completely revealing a replenished and fresh complexion, she even suggests a glass of warm milk to wash her face.  Next is the problem of hair and eyes, our writer Mary Harding on this particular article (quite different to the articles about the actual car) I believe was more in to the comforts of travel rather than the vehicle in which she travelled.

Today in the Bentley and Rolls Royce vehicles you will find side compartments for cosmetics and other accessories for the feminine touch. Rolls Royce have always provided this necessary compartment. This along with picnic sets, something that has continued throughout the age of motoring and general travel. The extended long journeys one would always carry a flask and a small selection of easy to manage food. The Lady discusses putting sandwich fillings into small jars, keeping tea, hot water and milk separate, greaseproof paper a must for travel, not to forget to mention that salmon mayonnaise will travel well.

One lovely advert found for motorists, to carry a tablet of Wrights soap. Perfect for keeping in the car when adjustments need to be made to the car on route.


Today women are not just in the driving seat when it comes to buying cars, they are increasingly designing the high-tech vehicles that we will be driving tomorrow. In engineering, manufacturing, testing, marketing and selling, as well as, increasingly, running car companies, women are making giant strides. We are responsible for making half of all new car purchases and play a role in 80 per cent of the decisions. Once again women are all for advancing the technology of the motorcar, a fabulous reflection of the 1920’s where women did just this, they developed the motorcar.  Rear view mirrors – invented by a woman, glove compartments, fan belts, back window ledge,  air vent positions, interior fabrics, back seat comfort, are amongst our wonderful inventions, not to forget the best of all, the windscreen, all invented by women in the early part of the 20th century.


Next time we look at lighting…

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