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Fay Taylour – Queen of the Speedway

First Published on Heritage Motor Insurance website: It is exceedingly rare for a rider to be as fast on two wheels as four, with racer Sir John Surtees remaining the only person to have won World Championships by both motorcycle and car. Tazio Nuvolari is among the same rank, having achieved wins in individual races […]


Mildred Bruce: A passion for speed

As seen on Heritage Motor Insurance website I am so excited to share the story of a remarkable lady: the Honourable Mrs Victor Bruce. Mildred epitomises everything about the trailblazer of the period of the Bright Young Things in the Roaring Twenties. Mildred Bruce, also known as Mary Petre, was born to the youngest brother […]


A Damsel in Distress – Book Review

Previously seen on: Overland Journal Europe. A Damsel in Distress By P.G Wodehouse Everyman Classics – ISBN – 978-1-84159-124-7 I bought this book from Hatchard’s Piccadilly two weeks before Christmas in the hope I would sit by the fire and read it from start to finish. The book didn’t even make Christmas week. Cover to […]


A conversation about Madame Junek

Lara Platman from the Bugatti Owners Club UK is joined by Jan Kralik from the Bugatti Club of the Czech Republic to talk about the life of Madame Junek. Lara says, “We talk a little about the wonderful life of Madame Junek and towards the end of the conversation I realised we only touched on […]


Wayward Women – Book review

Previously seen on: Overland Journal Europe. Wayward Women – A Guide to Women Travellers by Jane Robinson Oxford University Press – ISBN – 0-19-280233-X There is always a book beside my bed, well a pile of them actually, but one of at the top of the pile these past few months has been Wayward Women. […]


Fay Taylour – Book Review

Previously seen on: Overland Journal Europe. Fay Taylour – Queen of the Speedway By Brian Belton Panther Publishing – ISBN – 09547912 – 4 – X I picked this book up at an open air autojumble in the summer. Quite apt really. I am always after books on fascinating women. Written by a chap – […]


Kay Petre: the record breaker

As seen on the  Heritage Insurance website Lapping Brooklands at 134.24mph in 1935 in the ten and a half-litre V12 Delage, secured Kay Petre as one of the fastest ladies on the racing circuit. The Delage had been specially adapted for her for as her regular race car, by extending the pedals and installing a […]


Elizabeth Junek – Queen of the Steering Wheel

As seen on the Heritage Insurance blog here is a lovely piece about Madame Elizabeth Junek. In this third of the series of lady racing drivers, may I present to you Madame Elizabeth Junek, (Eliška Junková), born in 1900 and raised in Olomouc on the outskirts of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, with a passion for world […]


Dorothy Levitt – The Woman and the Car

(First published for Heritage Insurance) As soon as Michelin and Dunlop fitted rubber tyres to wooden wheels, speed became the must-have accessory. This edition will introduce some of the women who pioneered this new fashion. I have always thought of my research as Mirror Lipstick Manoeuvre, but I think you will find that these women […]


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