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Kay Petre: the record breaker

As seen on the  Heritage Insurance website Lapping Brooklands at 134.24mph in 1935 in the ten and a half-litre V12 Delage, secured Kay Petre as one of the fastest ladies on the racing circuit. The Delage had been specially adapted for her for as her regular race car, by extending the pedals and installing a […]


Elizabeth Junek – Queen of the Steering Wheel

As seen on the Heritage Insurance blog here is a lovely piece about Madame Elizabeth Junek. In this third of the series of lady racing drivers, may I present to you Madame Elizabeth Junek, (Eliška Junková), born in 1900 and raised in Olomouc on the outskirts of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, with a passion for world […]


Dorothy Levitt – The Woman and the Car

(First published for Heritage Insurance) As soon as Michelin and Dunlop fitted rubber tyres to wooden wheels, speed became the must-have accessory. This edition will introduce some of the women who pioneered this new fashion. I have always thought of my research as Mirror Lipstick Manoeuvre, but I think you will find that these women […]


Helle Nice – The Bugatti Queen

(First published with Heritage Insurance) Imagine Charles Rolls, Vincenzo Lancia and the brothers Marcel and Louis Renault, rush past your eyes amongst the Paris Madrid Rally then fast in pursuit comes Chamille Du Ghast, the first female racing driver. Hellé Delangle carefully gripping the hand of her school teacher as she watched on the side […]


Mags Cunningham – Flying High

First published with Frank Magazine Once the home to RAF Westhampnett West Sussex now, in recent years known as the Goodwood Aerodrome, where for me I associate the Estate of the Duke of Richmond with jam packed racing weekends with friends. However, sitting here on this glorious spring day with Pilot Mags Cunningham by the […]


Elspeth Beard – The Lone Rider

Previously seen in Frank Magazine We are sitting in the kitchen of the award winning and architecturally acclaimed Water Tower in Munstead, Surrey, where Elspeth now lives with a full restoration on it after purchasing in 1989. The ceilings are really high, and our talk is echoing around the hexagonal structure, Elspeth reminisces about how […]


Mildred Bruce – record breaking on land, sea and in the air

As seen in Frank Magazine August 2020 Edition When I was asked to write about a woman from history, I immediately thought of Mildred Bruce who, regular readers to Frank magazine may have noticed I had mentioned her previously, but then I thought about all the other women, in one way or another have shaped […]


Electric Dreams with Amanda Stretton

As seen in Frank Magazine June/July 2020 edition From the moment that the second car rolled off the production line, Henry Ford proclaimed, let’s go racing, well that’s how the saying goes at least.  More recently, car manufacturers that put their cars into race series said, ‘Race on Sunday sell on Monday’, and this is […]

Theo Paphitis and Mark Blundell

Chatting to Mark Blundell and Theo Paphitis at Silverstone Classic in 2017 was a hoot to say the least. This is the first attempt of me putting out a podcast on my own, I do hope you have fun listening.


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