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Fay Taylour – Queen of the Speedway

By Brian Belton

Panther Publishing – ISBN – 09547912 – 4 – X

I picked this book up at an open air autojumble in the summer. Quite apt really. I am always after books on fascinating women. Written by a chap – well, there is quite a lot of commentary in the book that suggests that there is some kind of difference between men and women achieving  things and that really annoys me. However, it is a great insight into the life of this amazing lady who made her name in Trials riding and when allowed to do so in Speedway riding.

Fay’s career spanned the mid-20th century  and what I love about the book is the incredibly detailed bibliography and chronology of notes – at the back of the book. I am now in the process of going to the London Library to research all the bibliography.

I actually know little about Speedway and the bikes she rode. The Douglas bike that the author said, ‘she handled with power and grace,’ and other race accounts are detailed, so, perhaps I must take note of the details and think how it must have been to be at those race meetings and ignore the idea he writes as a chap, which of course he is!

I am still to continue reading this book. It will one of those I will use as reference for when I take to a motorcycle this year and just ponder about how Fay Taylour would have tackled the journey and what she would have worn. I might not be Queen of the Speedway, but I will most certainly be the Queen on my adventure.


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