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Wayward Women – A Guide to Women Travellers

by Jane Robinson

Oxford University Press – ISBN – 0-19-280233-X

There is always a book beside my bed, well a pile of them actually, but one of at the top of the pile these past few months has been Wayward Women. I first had this book out of the London Library – a private members library in London, then after renewing the loan every three months I finally bought myself a copy.

From Glamour of the back and beyond to life in the Bush and camping, religious exodus to travel for journalism, this book encapsulates the women traveller of the 17th, 18th, 19th and Mid-Twentieth Centuries. Noting women engineers, scientists, explorers and women who simply were ‘bored’ with their perhaps ‘hum drum’ lives.

I found many of ‘my’ women here in this book from the Honourable Mildred Bruce and Gertrude Bell, as well as Lady Frances Egerton and Beryl Markham. The list is endless of amazing women who, simply knew they could. Admittedly some were wives of notable husbands, who had the ways and means however, many were women who simply had the gumption.

It is a book that any modern female traveller ought to have by their bedside. This book is a perfect dip in and out book, although you may find you spend three days devouring it. It is a book to hand down to your daughters and nieces. It is a book to gift any individual wayward women in your lives.

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