I was asked what I used for my skin as I said I swear by Wild Rose Beauty Balm but did I have any other cruelty free products I liked. Well here is a list of products in order of performance for my skin. These products are currently in use and where possible and if necessary I have written a replacement product that I have tested and I prefer. All products are cruelty free and Paraben Free. Some are vegan some are organic.

  1. Neal’s Yard Wild Rose Beauty Balm- takes off make up. Moisturiser. Miracle cream. Eye makeup and mascara remover. Spot remover. Skin scar remover. All proven and tested. There is literally no need for anything else. So why do I have others?
  2. Esthederm Photo Reverse- sun block. Every day I use this. Expensive but blimmen worth it.
  3. Dr Hauschka Rose Day Cream Light- a great complement to my Neal’s Yard- as this goes under make up and goes on at night for a break to Wild Rose. Moisturises in sun sun sun whilst Neal’s Yard a bit greasy in sun.
  4. Neal’s Yard Grape Seed Oil- eye make-up remover. Massage oil. Hair oil. Cuticle oil. Love this when I have waxed- I can put the Grape seed on.
  5. L’Occitane vervain deodorant- brilliant product.
  6. Elemis Pro Radiance flash balm- love this for evenings out. Makes skin so effervescent.
  7. Ren Rosa Centifolia cleansing balm-  After trying it and giving it as presents- I realise that the Elemis Pro Collagen balm is SOOO much better. The Ren is vegan though. But not as active or as refreshing.
  8. Neal’s Yard Honey and Orange face scrub- always a gooden for once a week if I have it in stock- otherwise wouldn’t buy again really.
  9. Ren Gentle cleansing Gel- ok- makes a clean go but not as good as Elemis Pro Radiance cleanser
  10. Ren Glycol Lactic Radiance Renewal Mask- ok sticky though- again not as good as either Elemis Pro Collagen balm or Neal’s Yard Wild Rose Beauty Balm.
  11. Elemis Hydrating Ginseng Toner- should have been nearer top of list- as really refreshing and no fuss. Lovely misty spray for a hot day too. Gets dirt out of pores so brilliantly. Always a dirty cloth after.
  12. Neal’s Yard Lavender and aloe cooling cream- my 4th tube of this. It’s near bottom of list as I only use in summer. Love it
  13. Esthederm Adaptasun- not used yet. Excited to. First use will be this summer. I know it will be amazing. Love love the texture and smell is refreshing. Not greasy. This makes me want summer to arrive.
  14. Neal’s Yard Rosehip oil- always great for spots. Hair. After shaving. Eyes. A lovely tickle of this oil as it’s expensive and rich in texture.
  15. Neal’s Yard Arnica- used a LOT this cream. Probably my 4/5th tube.
  16. Neal’s Yard Hypericum and Calendula cream. Always in my first aid bag but never used.
  17. Aesop SPF15 fluid- now almost completed bottle- results are: I know my mind is stressed currently- but this is too oily for my skin as it aids spots. I don’t know if the SPF actually does anything. I just haven’t trusted it enough. The Esthederm is so much stronger for sun. I love Aesop Geranium moisturiser but this? Jury is out- shan’t buy it again.
  18. Aesop Moroccan Neroli Shaving Serum- this is a weird product although I love it. It foams! Its lovely lovely on the legs and under arms with my wet closed razor. It needs a foaming bowl so bad for travel but great for the bathroom and the smell is divine.
  19. Elemis Smart Cleanse Micellar Water- takes off make up but with a good scrub. It was a sample and I am not going to buy it. It tries to be Vichy eye make-up remover but- It’s not as good as Neal’s Yard Grape seed oil.
  20. L’Occitane Verveine hand cream gel- a weird gel hand cream that I love. Short lasting though, refreshing for a summer’s day.
  21. Organic Argan oil- for my hair. Should buy shares in Argan oil. Funny enough Ren do a Moroccan Rose dry oil which is better.

I rather enjoyed writing about my cruelty free products and shall make another What is in my bag column soon. x

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