Another part to this series where we look back at The Lady archives and investigate these historical articles whilst comparing them to how women look after their cars and generally at motoring today.

This lovely page tells us the ideal way to manoeuvre a car amongst the road, at junctions, and passing cars. Which car must give way and looking at cars near to you trying to cross you. Passing tramcars and passing vehicles that once were stationary who pull out in front of you unexpectedly. The idea that the roadways were void of street furniture ordering us to slow down, stop and give way, one can only imagine road sense may not have been on the top of the agenda when travelling from A to B.

A paragraph comments on the dangers of signposts – even experienced drivers she mentions, sometimes endeavour to read the signposts while their car is in motion, thinking they are travelling in the correct direction to all of a sudden alter their course without prior warning to other motorists. A reminder that hand Signals for drivers was indeed something of a necessity where the car does not have indicators fitter.


Next time we look at  insurance…


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